What’s the Best Digital Music Distribution Platform?

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Distrokid Logo

Studio Buddha’s pick for the best digital music distribution platform is DistroKid. Sign up using this link to receive a 7% discount on the service and help support Studio Buddha in the process. So you finished mixing and mastering your next chart-topping hit. Delivery is the next step. There are several reasons we believe that DistroKid is the best in the … Read More

What is Compression?

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Ableton Live's built in compressor

What is Compression? Compression plays a huge part in every professional mix. Put simply, its roles are most often glue (on busses) and volume control (on individual tracks). We will dive in with a more technical explanation after covering these concepts. Glue In the mix, related tracks are in groups, or “busses”. For example, separate tracks for the hi-hat, snare, … Read More

Filters are the Gateway to a Clean Mix

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A hi-pass filter

“What is the one thing I can do to make my mixes sound more professional?” My answer to this – filters – is one that many producers either overlook, or don’t understand. Let’s get to it. Filters One of the first steps I take in every mix is to add low-pass and high-pass filters to most tracks in the project. … Read More

What is Mastering and Why is it Important?

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A simple mastering chain

What is it? Mastering is the final part of the production process, and it includes several important parts. Glue ‘Glue’ the different sounds together with low-ratio compression. At this point, a little compression goes a long way. Timbre Make any final tweaks to the overall timbre and sound of the track through EQ, and other very subtle effects to make the … Read More

Start Producing Music on a Budget With These 5 Items

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Checklist and pen

There are a lot of articles that claim to start you out with the perfect “cheap” home studio setup, but they usually go on to recommend that you go out and buy $1,000+ of gear and software. Unless you have a lot of money to throw around, this is a pretty insane approach. Good news! You can start producing music … Read More