The Best Pair of Headphones for Music Production

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Sony headphones on a desk

The Best Pair of Headphones

My #1 pick for the best pair of headphones is a studio standard around the world. They work well in just about any situation you can throw at them. They present audio with extreme clarity and an even response. Just as important, they are comfortable for extended listening sessions. Best of all, they come in at well under $100.

Sony’s MDRV6 studio monitor headphones may be the best pair of headphones on the market. They make easy work of detailing your project at every stage.

Whatever pair you end up with, you should pick up a copy of Goodhertz Canopener Studio. If you plan on using headphones for mixing or mastering, the isolation of each channel is less than ideal. This plugin adds an adjustable level of cross-feed, creating a stereo spread that more closely resembles speakers/monitors. This creates a much more appropriate situation for mixing or mastering.

One of the most important parts of mixing and mastering is learning the nuances of your listening setup – whatever that may consist of – and how these nuances translate to commercial systems like your car or living room stereo.

Whatever setup you end up with, this is most important piece of advice I can give. The sooner you can pick up on your setup’s tendencies, the sooner your projects will begin to sound great. Learn your setup, and your projects will translate to other systems!

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