What’s the Best Digital Music Distribution Platform?

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Studio Buddha’s pick for the best digital music distribution platform is DistroKid. Sign up using this link to receive a 7% discount on the service and help support Studio Buddha in the process.

So you finished mixing and mastering your next chart-topping hit. Delivery is the next step.

There are several reasons we believe that DistroKid is the best in the business, and we’re not alone. Jeff Price, a founder of TuneCore, had this to say: “As the Founders of TuneCore, Peter Wells and I can state with no hesitation this is simply the best model for artists to distribute their music, keep their rights and get paid.”


DistroKid only makes money through yearly fees and additional services such as Shazam. The best part? The yearly fees are cheap and flat – you can upload unlimited music through your account.

A basic account can upload unlimited music under a single band name for $19.99 per year.

For $35.99 per year, you can add your own label name, manage multiple band names, and more.

There are add-ons available for small fees such as YouTube detection, Shazam, automatic delivery to new music stores, and Legacy – which leaves your music in stores if you ever cancel your subscription.

Rights and Royalties

DistroKid allows you to keep 100% rights to your music. You are free to do what you want with your music. In addition to this, they take no royalties per stream or per sale. In addition to all of this, you can pay a percentage of revenue to other DistroKid account-holders. Give your band-mates and engineers their cut automatically!

Cover Songs

One of my favorite features of DistroKid is the ability to include a cover song on your album, and have the appropriate royalties paid automatically. You don’t have to worry about sales estimates or any other kind of math. Just hit a checkbox when you upload the track, and you’re set.

Get Verified

With any account, you have the ability to control your profiles on several music platforms (Apple Music, Spotify). From band pictures and tour dates to automatic verification on Spotify, this is huge. Your band will stand out, and automatically stand above bands using other distribution services.

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